10 thoughts on “How to play Texas Holdem

  1. This shows the basic rules. I suppose strategies and tips on how to win comes in another video. Still a pretty good start. Gotta learn to walk before you can run.

  2. @lintroller100 if you are two there is no small blind, the dealer deals the cards the other put out big blind and then the dealer calls, raise or fold, then they switch, hope you understand that im not the great at explaining things.

  3. this vid is good i recomend getting a begining poker set, there is a brand called "pavilion" which is only sold at toys r us, it has directions that is missing some directions but this vid clears it up.

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  5. when someone bets do you have to call cuz in one point of the video someone checked instead of calling ….confused

  6. This was 3 weeks ago… but encase you still don't know. Checking means you don't re-raise a bet because you already have the required amount in the pot.

    For example if u are the big blind, which is $100, and the players before you only bet (or technically… 'called') with $100, then you don't need to bet anything to continue to the flop cos u already have the required chips committed. Assuming you don't want to raise at this stage, you say 'check' to continue.

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