How to Play Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

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Open Classroom! Today we’re going to be learning how to play Ultimate Texas Hold’Em.
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How to Play Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

4 thoughts on “How to Play Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

  1. Vegas aces, I love you😇 You are so sweet and always positive🍦keep up the good work. So refreshing to see someone so positive in the gambling space. Bc there are so many bitter and terrible people in the casino world🐥

  2. I caught this like couple hours after you posted this. 🙂 Hope your doing great Heather? 🙂

  3. Hey that looks way easier than craps. Just what I need, an easier way to pay the dealer! Also, next time I can watch live, I’m gonna have to light up that Dance Time superchat, and see what that looks like. Will it be hotter than you talking about building a Linux PC? Woof! 🔥

  4. I love this game, but I find you tend to lose money wayyy faster than other games. If you go on a losing streak it's hard to get back up. Least in my experience.

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