How To Use HRC (Holdem Resources Calculator)

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Ben Hayles makes his debut on this channel by breaking down the powerful tournament software: HRC. He takes you through the software, explains how to set up hands, how to review hands, and what the output is actually telling you.

This software is exclusively for tournament players and is a massive help when doing the tournament workbook. It helps you gauge ICM decisions and its usage for off-table tournament work is incredibly beneficial.

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How To Use HRC (Holdem Resources Calculator)

6 thoughts on “How To Use HRC (Holdem Resources Calculator)

  1. Hey James! In my town, there are no casinos with poker rooms, and the only place you can play in are home games. The only one I know is full of crazy guys and is a really great place to play. The only problem is that you must start 20bb deep. Do you have any tips to play at this stack depth?

  2. Hey im having problem using HRC I'm trying to input a raise from the CO and than fbuilding a push,3bet/fold, and a 3bet/call range. but when i input everything all i get is a screen with the range i cuilt for the CO and no information about how many BB's im mnaking per shove. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  3. Heya just bought this program and video really helped,i have a question,so when u are analyzing as advanced hand and are putting in the payouts and players left,how do u know how many players were left at that time if u are looking back to the tournament in HM2??

  4. Awesome video, awesome explanation. Would love to see more videos of Ben. Great voice, great to-the-point explanations, easy to understand! Great work, Ben!

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