Introduction to Poker: Texas Holdem

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Let’s go over the basics of no limit Texas Hold’em. It only take about 2 minutes to learn.

To start, everybody gets dealt 2 cards. In every hand there’s a small blind, in this case it’s “Aladdin”, and a big blind, who is me, with a Jack-three of clubs. You’ll see the blinds are next to the dealer who’s identified by the button. After these 2 forced bets are posted, meaning the small blind and big blind, the player one seat to the left is first to act. Action continues clockwise around the table.
Player “Krzysztof367” raises to 40, I’m in the big blind, and everybody else folded. My options are: call 20, fold or raise.

I decided to call so we see the first 3 community cards called “the flop”. They can be used by any player combined with his 2 hole cards to make the best 5-card hand.

This time I’m first to act, since I’m next to the dealer button. My options are: check, which means bet zero, or bet. Folding would be a mistake because I can see a free card if we both check. I decide to bet half the pot to put pressure on my opponent. He folded, so I won, and no need to show my cards.

Let’s skip forward 5 hands to see the next hand I played.

I have jacks and vanka raises to 60. Again I can fold, call or raise. I decided to call and see what happens. Everyone else folds.

Vanka is the first to act since she’s next to the dealer button. Also keep in mind that the 3 first community cards are called the flop.
She bets half the pot and I call meaning I match her bet. The 4th community card is dealt, and that card is referred to as ‘the turn’.
She bets 165 and I call.

The 5th card, called the river, is now dealt. This is the last card and final betting round before the showdown. I decided to check and she showsdown Ace-Jack. By checking it cost me nothing and we went to the showdown. I win the pot because I have 2 pair. My best 5 card hand is Jack-Jack-Four-Four-Ten, while vanka has only Four-Four-Ace-Jack-Ten.

It’s that simple guys.

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Introduction to Poker:  Texas Holdem