Limit holdem Poker cash game strategy

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This is a part of Damian Poker Guide. In this part I play limit holdem poker cash game. I will show you a new strategy I making. In the end of the video I will go trough the basic of this poker strategy. I played on 6-man table in this strategy guide.

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Limit holdem Poker cash game strategy

7 thoughts on “Limit holdem Poker cash game strategy

  1. Thanks for the video! I'm trying to improve my limit game and I'm glad I found this.

  2. I was at casino with some background noise but with headphones on I should've been able to hear well but couldn't. My device is fine you should find a way to speak louder for future videos

  3. can barley hear volume. if you want to make good videos stop blaming your viewers for their comments lol.

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