Lucky 777 #poker #texasholdem #pokervlog #pokerpro #pokerstars #shorts

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Lucky 777 #poker #texasholdem #pokervlog #pokerpro #pokerstars #shorts

10 thoughts on “Lucky 777 #poker #texasholdem #pokervlog #pokerpro #pokerstars #shorts

  1. terrible flop raise. that only served to commit you to calling. either just call for pot control or blast off on the flop.

  2. Thank you for showing a losing hand every now and then, that's real poker.
    what do you use as a camera?

  3. Not cool to show your hand before you act.
    I get table talk and all, but so many rules and unspoken rules are broken.

    Also how you showed them could of considered a fold and made the other player to celebrate or muck, than you got info beacuse of that.

  4. Shouldn't have let him get ti the straight. Big bets on the flop. If he folds you still kinda win. Especially if there's a draw

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