Magician Reveals 10 Best Poker TELLS! – (Reading People & Body Language)

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Magician Reveals 10 Best Poker TELLS! – (Reading People & Body Language)

10 thoughts on “Magician Reveals 10 Best Poker TELLS! – (Reading People & Body Language)

  1. Unbelievably useful life skills and tools you can use in business, life or in poker!!… Please give the video a big share! Much appreciated.
    Also, learn some Poker Chip Tricks while you are here!

  2. once the cards are shuffled, the two cards each will get that's done. You have the buried cards, no one knows, but what will come up in the community cards are FIXED. To be able to read the deck tells you which hands are good. The signs from those who cannot read the deck is based on judgements they make without knowing. You can have a 7 and a 2 and win with a full house of 2's over 7's, or 4 3's beats 3 aces and 2×3's. Once the cards are shuffled you can know all you need. This is if you can win without any response to the bluff.

  3. Just subscribed and shared. I've noticed most of these tells in my home games but its good to hear the reinforcement for those semi-bluffs

  4. I don't get too excited or disappointed with any cards. I have seen good cards loose and bad cards win. Sometimes good cards make me the most nervous.

  5. Very informative video. Thanks for sharing, Rich! However, these are obviously tells for the more amateur and/or beginner portion of the game. I'd be curious to hear your expertise in relation to the more professional side of poker players and how they might use these "natural tells" in a reverse-psychological fashion. For example, when YOU are playing poker, do you deliberately do the opposite of these gestures in an attempt to "set traps?" Things along those lines. I feel like that would make for an interesting/informative presentation as well. 🙂

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