Poker Position | How to Play Texas Hold’em

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Poker Position | How to Play Texas Hold’em

If you’re playing in a Texas Hold’em poker game or tournament, you need to know how to work with your poker position. This means understanding when to play, when to fold, when to bet, and when to call.

What most players forget is that the proper time to do all of these things is going to change, not just by when things happen in the game, but due to where you are positioned at the poker table.

The best position in poker is being on the dealer button and second best position is the cutoff position, directly to the right of the dealer button – the spot where you can observe other players and really think about your decision before you have to act.

The worst positions to be in is UTG and the blinds directly to the left of the dealer button and have to act without any additional information. That being said, every position has its own set of poker strategies. They’re what you need to master if you’re going to keep playing.

If you’re in a late position, you both have more options and fewer options. On one hand, you’re going to be restricted by what the players who have already acted have done. If they’re cautious or they don’t have anything, though, you have more options for staying in the game.

You’ve got a major goal in a late position – to stay in position. Knock out later players so that you have an easier time controlling the flow of the game and putting earlier players on specific hands. The more effective you are at this, the more money you’re going to win in the long run.

In the end, though, it’s not where you are positioned it’s by how you use your poker positions to your advantage. To do that, you’re going to have to start by figuring out why your position at the table actually matters.

“Poker Is Like Sex…Position Is Everything!”

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Poker Position | How to Play Texas Hold’em

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