Running LIKE GOD in this tournament ♣ Poker Highlights

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Godmoding this tournament all the way to the final table, collecting bounties and taking no prisoners.

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Running LIKE GOD in this tournament ♣ Poker Highlights

10 thoughts on “Running LIKE GOD in this tournament ♣ Poker Highlights

  1. Lex you’re hilarious. Love your content and streams. The wealth of poker knowledge I’ve gotten from you is incredible.

    Let me talk about your guilty pleasure of a what… 8oz can of Coke (baby size) if that’s your guilty pleasure for 8oz of Coke, we’re screwed in the 🇺🇸!!! Americans idea of a guilty pleasure is a two liter of Coke! Love it man! Keep pumping out that content!

  2. 8:54 weet je die zeker sinds als hij daar n weak aas of k callt voor 2.x buyin ben je nog wel eens de zak of ligt dat aan buyin level.. de sb

  3. At least you busted with the worse hand. I ran down to 16th place in 9200 player Sunday Million. Then blind on blind I have AA vs A10. Flop 10-10…

  4. Running like a mere mortal. I wouldn't consider myself a great player, but I swear to God when I feel like I'm playing well, it just feels like Stars genuinely decides to love with me.

    Hour's of play, we are second in chips overall with 26 players left, down from over 2000, in a really top heavy bounty builder. I have KQ suited (diamonds) on the button, folded around to me, lead out 2.5x, SB folds, BB, super aggressive Russian villain (you guessed it, tournament chip leader) and who I've seen get it in bad 3 times pre flop within the last hour and won every single time, 3 bets to about 10x, I have an over 200bb stack, he doesn't seem to like to fold to jams or 4 bets, so I think I'm deep enough to just see a flop in position.

    We call, flop comes KQ3 two hearts one diamond, I think great and then out of nowhere, he just lead snap jams into me on the flop. Like what the love could he have? it's not impossible but less likely he has pocket kings or queens, but if he had them, is he really just snap jamming them like that? Doesn't seem a great player, but that just seems very unlikely to me, same with pocket 3's. If he's 3 bet them and got super lucky to hit a set, is he just donk bet snap jamming? Again that just seem's so unlikely to me.

    So I reckon it's either AK with some back doors, Aces, J10/AJ of diamonds or maybe even one of the other combos of KQ, either way I just don't think I can fold. I'am ahead of every single one and have back door diamonds if he has one of the other KQ combs (they're both hearts on the board) I did spend a huge amount of time thinking, but I eventually call. Villain shows J3 off (not even any hearts) and he hits a 3 on the river and I'm out.

    As I said I'm a fun player. Maybe I played the hand badly overall, I don't know, but just Jesus Christ when you make the right call he shows that and bad out, I'm actually losing the will to live playing on Stars at this stage. Only show in town because I don't have a brick and mortar casino near me, but at this stage I just can't loveing take it anymore with online poker I swear. Always some bullbad like this in tournies and dare to question it and you get a lecture about the nature of varience. Sorry rant over needed to vent.

  5. Hi lex, I dont reagent to this stream, I reagent to the loveing heads up against the maniac in the 530 bb, yes, you can win this, when he has 15 bb, and you have 120 bb, he limps, and you have loveing k 10 of, shove this… that’s all, he has k 9, and after this he came back, so don’t tell us that is nothing you can do, max pressure and you have 18k more, sorry about the digging, this was painful to watch

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