Studying JAMES ROMERO’s POKER QUIZZES | A Little BRÈINFÚEL with Jonathan Little

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One of the best ways to learn any skill is active learning. Active learning is defined as ‘an approach to instruction that involves actively engaging students with the course material’. This is exactly what we do at with our quizzes. Our coaches will take poker hands and then give you different options to pick from before discussing what they would have done and why.

In today’s A Little BRÈINFÚEL I will be studying some of the quizzes on our site that James Romero has created.

James Romero has over $4,700,000 in live tournament winnings. He took down one of the last $25,000 tournaments pre COVID for $325,000 and he is also a WPT champion as he won the Bellagio Five Diamond for over $1,900,000.

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Studying JAMES ROMERO’s POKER QUIZZES | A Little BRÈINFÚEL with Jonathan Little

10 thoughts on “Studying JAMES ROMERO’s POKER QUIZZES | A Little BRÈINFÚEL with Jonathan Little

  1. Hi Jonathan huge long time fan, supporter and appreciator. Its remarkable how you consistently produce fresh and useful content to keep us sharp and involved!

    Would love it if you covered leading textures or when to lead in general, and how to respond to leads. It's a play that seems to be making a comeback, feels here to stay, and most people dont understand it – so I think it's a perfect topic.

    Thanks from everyone!

  2. Do you have something to help you learn how to study charts and ranges and combos and blockers

  3. Been following a long time and played with you but how about editing your "work" and having a little professionalism and leave out the phone calls.

  4. love this kind of stuff. but for me, on low and microstakes, the opposite seems to be the exploitive aproach and plays like this deserve known players

  5. am i the only one who realised he wasn't actually drinking from the bottle…? dude you're a high stakes crusher and businessman why are you selling out to promote a badty energy drink that you clearly don't even actually like lmao

  6. I like how you have been on this kick as of late stressing calling tight players weak yet for some reason tight players don't get invited to your big games. Pretty clever.

  7. Really enjoyed watching you take the quiz. So enlightening and entertaining too!

  8. I want to apologize for my behavior on here. I would delete everything I said however if I did there would be nothing left to apologize about. Great content as always I just lost my way.

  9. I agree with most if not all of the things you teach and promote, just not that B drink 😂

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