This ADVANCED Poker Bluffing Strategy SKYROCKETED My Results

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Do you want to know how to make big successful bluffs in poker?

In this week’s new video I am going to teach you the advanced poker bluffing strategy that skyrocketed my results.

And I think it will drastically improve your poker results as well.

Have you tried this advanced poker bluffing strategy? Make sure you let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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– Nathan “BlackRain79” Williams

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This ADVANCED Poker Bluffing Strategy SKYROCKETED My Results

10 thoughts on “This ADVANCED Poker Bluffing Strategy SKYROCKETED My Results

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  2. Impressive. You want 65, Gutshots and Flushdraws to fold on the turn? πŸ€” Why? Cause they have equity? Yes you mentioned a checkback is also fine. But you missed the reason for. Also you didn't shared the reason why you go big on the turn and relatively small on the river? So pls explain me, why it makes sence vs a rec. player to go big on a paired turn vs some potentially weaker draws with the goal to fold out equity instead of charging him for the exact same reason AND than go way smaller on one of the biggest river bricks possible, where u only fold out bricked draws and some ace highs or small pockets? Could u please also explain to me why turn and river sizings still fit together and make a lot of sence for a rec. Player that he might fold now a Ten or Seven?

  3. My rec opponents always turn 8-7 OS in these hands and then they check raise all-in on the flop and I can't call… 8-7 is a very limpable hand.

  4. This is the video ive been waiting for great content as always dude, keep it up

  5. These ARE the pots that matter. I implement this strategy regularly and it's the difference between winning and just breaking even.

  6. Seems like people don't get why this is a winning play, because "don't bluff the fish". The reason why fish are hard to bluff is because they're too sticky with their pairs. But this board is very dry in terms of pairs and very wet in terms of draws, so when he calls you he's far more likely to have a draw than a pair. Also, if he has a T, I expect him to donk or even raise the flop, as we know fish think top pair is the nuts. If he has an 8 or better I expect him to raise the turn. So whe he goes check-call check-call, he should be folding the large majority of his range on this brick river because his range is literally just busted draws and small pairs like 7x and 66. And yes, even fish will fold their underpair to a 3 barrel, I found out consistency across multiple streets is the key, not to mention from a fish's point of view 66 is a lot weaker than Tx while from a reg's point of view they're the exact same strength as both only beat bluffs.
    "but your hand blocks draws" : True, but negligible. Good exploitative reads give you infinitely more information than the small edges you get from this kind of GTO logic, the two are orders of magnitude apart. We're not playing against this player type to gain small advantages, we're playing to use all the information available to nail their exact range, which sometimes is literally just one hand.
    So the reason why this is a winning play is because of the board. On this specific board, a fish will have way too many call/call/folds. Because on a low draw heavy board, they play too many draws too passively, and they donk or raise too much with their good made hands. So when they call 2 streets, it leaves their range incredibly weak on the river. Here their tendency to call with too many weak hands actually makes them more bluffable on the river, not less. The best defense against 3 barrels is to play tight passive : fit or fold on the flop, and never raise any value hand, so you get to the river with a very strong range. Recreationals do the exact opposite.

  7. Seat four had a PFR of 28 though .. what's your PFR usually around, BlackRain? Thanks.


  8. You got very lucky. This play is suicide against this time of player. What are you representing? The opponent can literally can have an 8, 10, 7 or pocket pair and just think 'I have a hand therefore I call', in addition to the missed straights and flushes.

    This isn't advanced, you will lose more often than win doing this. You block very little and don't have great card removal. The best way to beat these players is wait until you have it and just value them to death.

    This isn't advanced, its more luck than skill. AA and KK are not playing this way on this board. Try this tactic against recs/fish continually and watch as you mostly lose pots to them.

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