10 thoughts on “Unintentional ASMR. SUPER relaxing smokey poker game. SLEEP IN SECONDS.

  1. I used to watch this show precisely for the ASMR looooong before the term was coined (also it was in the post-pub timeslot and I may even have taped it).

  2. I’m trying to figure out if this is a tournament or cash. They say that it’s pounds sterling, but they also call it a tournament and about blinds going up

  3. This used to be on (or a slightly newer version) at 0100 every Thursday night after I had played pool in the pub. I was always ball bagged drunk as we usually had a lock in until about 1230, and had to watch it with with one eye closed and a leg hanging over the edge of my bed. Never forget watching it, but I was always so drunk that I never had a clue what was going on!

  4. Most bizarre poker game I've ever seen. Constant bad beats on the river. Constant weird luck for the Indian guy. Four 7's… in a row. Just weird stuff. Plus the American announcer sounds like he just learned the game today,.

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