Watch Dogs – How to Cheat and Win at Poker

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Watch Dogs – How to Cheat and Win at Poker

10 thoughts on “Watch Dogs – How to Cheat and Win at Poker

  1. i made 800k out of 50k from the beggining of the game, by playing poker WITHOUT HACKING. first i went to the high stakes and mate 100, then to the super stakes and won there twice lol. i love that ubisoft puts poker in games, loved it in fc3 also, was playing it all the time there lol.

  2. This is the most fked up decision to make a poker game in an ACTION game! You want the coolest bike? Well, good luck spending some hours playing poker against AI

  3. I destroyed everybody in high stakes poker 1st T without using stress level cause i didnt know that was a thing. I think im Psychic or somethin dude.

  4. It was me 1vs1 I was winning my money back after a losing slump and then and then someone shoots a gun then the other players dive to the floor and I lose all my progress I the poker game and have to start again piss take

  5. I literally get nothing but high cards, the occasional One Pair if I get extremely lucky

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