Watch How Pro Poker Cheats Use Sleight Of Hand | BLACK MARKET

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“At full speed you won’t see a thing.”

These poker cheats use sleight of hand tricks, like ‘bottom dealing’ or ‘stacking the deck’, to cheat in illegal gambling dens.

Revisiting ‘Black Market’ where The Wire’s Michael K. Williams takes a look at underground economies in America and beyond. He meets people who are willing to break the law and risk everything they have just to get by. While digging into the topics, Williams discusses his own issues with addiction, crime and poverty.

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Watch How Pro Poker Cheats Use Sleight Of Hand | BLACK MARKET

10 thoughts on “Watch How Pro Poker Cheats Use Sleight Of Hand | BLACK MARKET

  1. If you're from the US, you can stream the rest of this episode and more BLACK MARKET with your cable provider here:

  2. here in thailand those who cheat will either if lucky lose a hand or unlucky get killed its called karmas

  3. What non poker people don't know is if cheating is suspected in a game years of hard work building a game and clients are done . example in Austin we used to play at madhouse poker room as soon as cheating happen place is done closed up . the reason this happens less at higher stakes is because the high stakes pool of players shrinks as the money goes up everybody knows each other . cheating does happen in poker buts it's all done online 99.9% of the time .the biggest way live poker players get cheated is through the rake in underground games . dealer will pull a green chip 25$ do a little chip dance and throw back 15 in red chips 5$ chips then pull 5 on every street flop turn and river make some more change with another green chip . this happens sometimes every hand in underground games .

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