4-Betting with K♦️K♠️ Gone Wrong ($1k NL Hold‘em Poker Highlight)

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If this high stakes poker highlight shows anything, it must be that pocket kings are a trouble hand 😂. This poker clip comes from an online poker live stream played at $5/$10 NL ($1k Hold ‘em).

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It doesn’t matter how many times you raise K♦️K♠️ and win, it always hurts when action runs out like this!

Don’t let that pain distract you though, plenty of players succumb to the poker leak of raising a ‘good’ poker hand preflop and committing chips on the flop or turn when it’s clear their hand is behind.

The optimal poker strategy is to adjust your consideration of your poker hands strength based on different game conditions such as board texture, opponents aggression and history, pot size, and whether you like the cut of your opponent’s jib or not.

The difference between an okay winning player and a great winning player might be something as ‘simple’ as whether they are constantly looking to adjust their solid base poker strategy to new conditions or not, this starts with not getting pot committed because you got aces and you’ve decided you’re never folding aces 😀

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4-Betting with K♦️K♠️ Gone Wrong ($1k NL Hold‘em Poker Highlight)

6 thoughts on “4-Betting with K♦️K♠️ Gone Wrong ($1k NL Hold‘em Poker Highlight)

  1. Did Phil purposely edit the start of the hand back to the end of the video to make a better loop? 👀

  2. I'm a fish😂 I never fold the river after 90$ bet on the turn and As river

  3. Nice video Phil. One of the biggest leak in low limit games like 5/10 is players get married to their KK or QQ

  4. If Phil galfond is playing 1020nl in 2023 there's no hope for anyone else in poker

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