$5/10/25 No-Limit Hold’em | TCHLive Dallas | 07/13/2021

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Catch the high stakes poker action for the TCH LiVE! weekly installment of $5/10/25 No-Limit Hold’em at Texas Card House Dallas!

Visit Texas Card House – https://texascardhouse.com

Watch our special live streams this week
Thursday – https://youtu.be/o_pORBUblCs
Friday – https://youtu.be/hfEy4zd1h6M

TCH Live streams six nights a week here on YouTube. Make sure you hit the subscribe button and click the bell notification to get the best Live Poker Stream as it happens live. Chat along with our hosts to discuss every hand of Texas No Limit Hold’em and the poker strategy

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$5/10/25 No-Limit Hold’em | TCHLive Dallas | 07/13/2021

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