5 Tips to Crush Maniacs

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5 Tips to Crush Maniacs:
1. Determine how maniacal the maniac is
2. Most maniacs are not actually insane
3. Call and then call down
4. Do not raise with your best hands
5. Accept that you will experience variance.

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5 Tips to Crush Maniacs

10 thoughts on “5 Tips to Crush Maniacs

  1. The maniacs I'm dealing with, pretty much the same, except they don't have a fold button. Aggro + station

  2. Since I've been using the tools that you have provided my game has improved immensely.

    I know that my homework doesn't show it as a matter of fact it's a bad show and a dumpster fire … I get it. … I just wish that I knew how to make it translate properly.

    Speaking of which I will be reviewing my homework today … NO .. I will not delete it but I have to fix some things.

    I just want to say thank for all that done and I really appreciate it. … ❤

  3. The maniacs in the micros at ps Shove jam pre-flop trying to hit or wait until the flop and see middle pair then jam. Also they wait till someone has min or what ever bet then shoot making everyone scared to bet. I had a room of 6 earlier and 3 stable people and manics didn't play one hand just shoved pre-flop or would se one flop card and then jam it was crazy.

  4. My issue is these maniacs usually have the money to withstand the swings. I guess that's why it's important to be properly bankrolled. I'm usually upset if I lose a buy in while the maniac is not phased.

    Thanks for the advice.

  5. I was playing with a guy who straddled A9 offsuit for 4 dollars. After two lumps he shoved all-in for 215 dollars and ended up chopping with his opponent who called with A9 as well.

  6. If you have a moment, a quick question. A played went all in blind for 400 at a 2/5 game. I was last to act and foolishly folded A10 because I didn't want to jeopardize a winning session. Against a blind all in and in last position, what is the median hand you should be calling with?

  7. Again thanks for your insights I now for lack of better words quarantine specific players to maximize profit it’s hilarious how simple it is sometimes. I let one barrel until the river, even though I had the nut flush on the turn, sitting on the button, I three bet him light on the river he shoves to 2x pot with zero diamonds just a straight. Lovin it. Tank uuu

  8. what if everything (the obvious straight and flush draw) got there and all I have is top pair top kicker?

  9. Reverse engineering your insight here makes a far more profitable and successful maniac, as well. Great content as usual, Jonathan. 👍🏻

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