Am I a Huge Fish?? | 2/5 NLH Twin River

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Hey everyone, played a fairly short session at Twin River but profitable one! Hopefully you enjoyed the hands, uploading at a much more consistent schedule so leave a LIKE for more vids!

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Am I a Huge Fish?? | 2/5 NLH Twin River

10 thoughts on “Am I a Huge Fish?? | 2/5 NLH Twin River

  1. Keep up the good work man awesome new format. Love the full screen table footage. Thanks for switching. Go Team Umass! Hope to meet you at Encore come the new year.

  2. I left you some comments on all the hands you played in your last video but you didn't say anything I'll try one more time I don't like the ace two suited and when you raise with that in a 2-5 game or for that matter any game you're only going to get called by better which you did pocket kings or Big ace and you're going to end up losing a lot of money with that hand in the long run it's just not profitable you were lucky to win the hand the ace four hand was also lucky to win but at least you saw some of your mistakes after the session you should never think about the money you win or lose you should always only think about your play the money will come when you make correct plays and seal up your leaks think of your poker game is a boat at Sea and you're out there floating around you have a lot of holes in your boat eventually you're going to sink if you don't seal them up every time you play you need to go home and think about the hands you played and how you played them and think about what you can do differently and how you can play better and of course you need to listen to more seasoned players when they're trying to help you.. also you should be studying one hour for every 2 hours you play right now I've been playing 40 years and I study 1 hour everyday and I always think about my hands on the drive home.. I never say good luck but I will say good skill..

  3. Like your hand analysis, just remember that everyone is the best Monday coach or quarterback. Keep up the good work.

  4. Overall, your hand selection (especially to 3 bet) is suspect and can only lead to bad things. Narrow your ranges on a loose table, widen your ranges on a tight table…don't play the same every spot. Adjust according to your hands revealed or people who know you…it goes both ways, the more you know about them, the more they know about you. Also, you are risking A LOT on spec hands (A2, A4, etc.)…you also have to be aware of bet size vs stack size, to raising $90 is pretty crazy with A2. Small pairs and suited connectors work best vs many people, but you seem to isolate with them. ANd yes, you're lucky KK misplayed horribly…overall, your CONFIDENCE level DOES NOT MATCH your SKILL level…I think your analysis needs work.

  5. I like that you're going for thin value against a fish in the A4 hand.. Exploiting bad players is how you make money.. if you think your hands good on the turn you gotta go for max value on that brick river!

  6. I'll subscribe if you keep up with this format LOL visual commentary is F'n weird.

  7. Omg awful play with the diamond board turn, check there and A4 utg??????You need to check, you dont consider what the other player has

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