BEAUTIFUL POKER PRO CRUSHES MY SOUL! #poker #texasholdem #shorts

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BEAUTIFUL POKER PRO CRUSHES MY SOUL! #poker #texasholdem #shorts (JOIN CLUB GG) & And Play with ME!

#poker #pokervlog #texasholdempokervlog #texasholdem


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BEAUTIFUL POKER PRO CRUSHES MY SOUL! #poker #texasholdem #shorts

5 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL POKER PRO CRUSHES MY SOUL! #poker #texasholdem #shorts

  1. Holy love this is absolutely atrocious poker. Get over yourself man. I see things haven't changed.

  2. Lol such a terrible play. Can't beat a Queen and the flushes and straights get there and you still pay off. I guess you just like to donate money.

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