Calculating Pre-Flop Poker Probabilities

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In this video I go through the math behind knowing if you have the highest card pre flop in texas hold em poker. This video goes hand in hand with the poker pre flop strategy video that is also on my channel. Let me know if you have any questions about what I did!

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Calculating Pre-Flop Poker Probabilities

2 thoughts on “Calculating Pre-Flop Poker Probabilities

  1. This is cool BUT what if there are say 8 people at the table but 2 of them have gone to snack bar (assume a turnament where cards are dealt to the empty seats. So, I know that there are 36 cards left in the deck but we also know that 4 of them are folded (away from the table). How does that affect the odds or do they change at all?

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