Cash Game Poker 1/2

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The ultimate game of No Limit Texas Hold’em allows players to wager all of their chips at any point creating a game dynamic like no other!

In this coaching video Fergal shows you exactly how to make money playing poker using ABC poker strategy and some out of the box lines!

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Cash Game Poker 1/2

2 thoughts on “Cash Game Poker 1/2

  1. Learned my lesson last night on PokerStars. Ended up all in preflop for 200 big blinds with aces, against two bots. 9 7 clubs and 9 8 spades. Second bot turned a straight on the turn lol. Action was me raise to $6, bot raise $22 second bot re raise to $72. I shove and get instantly called by 9 high in two places for a pot of $1200 at a $1-$2 game… lmfao. Stay away from online poker.

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