CRUSHING Live $1/$2 Cash Games

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To Beat Small Stakes Cash Games, you must learn how to exploit your opponents! To get my entire Live $1/$2 Cash Game Webinar for 50% off:

I hope you enjoy this portion of my live webinar. Let me know if you have any questions!

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CRUSHING Live $1/$2 Cash Games

10 thoughts on “CRUSHING Live $1/$2 Cash Games

  1. What is one thing you're currently struggling with in poker that you would like to learn more about? I will be creating more content for you all soon and would love to know some subjects that you would like to learn more about!

  2. I’d love a series on more LA/NorCal $1/2 and $1/3 where there are way fewer nits and way less folding… fewer limps that get around. More barreling post from randoms. Think Stones. (W no CTO players) I’ve studied this a ton over the years but I’d like YOU to teach it to me, Johnathan! Thanks for all the content!

  3. Can you help me improve my no limit cash game skills? What would you say I do? Ive player with you before. I’ve fallen on hard times with some bad investments just trying to rebuild. The factory life is very tough

  4. Jonathan, I've looked at your preflop charts, I've found them very comprehensive (I've gone from 1 range chart to what feels like 1000 more)
    But what do I do if everyone limps around to the Big Blind? Does BB just Check?

  5. Thanks for the video Jonathan. I'm confused however about you saying the best play preflop might be to min raise. In live low limit cash games I find people play way too many hands. I'm not sure why you would want to encourage a multiway pot where you will give up a lot of your edge.

  6. I play a 1/1 cash game with friends about once a week and I'm really struggling. I feel as I'm the best player but Im still losing. I can't get these guys to fold for bad and I stay getting called with garbage that's they're hitting.

  7. thank you very much for your content, Jonathan. I love your vibes and detail and simplness of it. Just love it, im looking forward getting back into playing poker full time, and I am surely will be working with you and you coaching site. Good luck.

  8. 1/2 nl is worth learning how to beat.

    It's the most widespread limit in North America and the most likely to be offered in casinos everywhere.

    An investment in learning how to crush 1/2 is a worthwhile investment of time in my opinion.

    Call me shallow but I'd be happy crushing 1/2 for a massive win rate for 20 years vs the stress of going up in stakes and facing a larger skilled pool of players.

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