Daniel Negreanu’s Small Ball Strategy

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The small ball strategy that I employ is so effective that anyone who uses it can succeed in deep stacked tournaments. By not understanding the effectiveness of this approach you can never become a great live tournament player. It is completely impossible.

Whether you are a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced player, Negreanu has created training modules that will improve your Hold’em game. Daniel explains exactly what to do, when to do it, and why! And for the first time ever, Negreanu reveals the advanced tournament strategy that the pros have been hiding.

Daniel Negreanu has often been called the unofficial ambassador of poker. His charm mixed with highly instinctive and effective play make him a huge fan-favorite. He is one of the highest-grossing tournament players of all-time, with winnings of more than $9 million.

While nursing dreams of a career in acting or comedy, the 15-year-old learned to play a little poker. By 16, he was spending time in pool halls, hustling, sports betting and – yes – playing cards.

By the time he was 18, Negreanu had dropped out of high school – one credit short of graduation – to focus on poker. He started supplementing his play at illegal games around town with trips to charity casinos.

For a more traditional lifestyle, he tried one day as a telemarketer and a month working at a Subway, but his path clearly led elsewhere.

At 21, Daniel took the money he’d made to try his talents against the world’s finest in Las Vegas. He lasted about seven months before returning home, broke but determined. Building up a new bankroll at games around Toronto, he made one last push to Vegas, this time for good. Since then Daniel has been in Vegas making a lucrative living for himself.

One of the most popular and charismatic players in poker, Daniel Negreanu maintains an unequalled track record of excellence in poker tournaments around the world. At the tender age of 23, Daniel won his first World Series of Poker bracelet, which earned him the nickname “Kid Poker.” Best known for both his aggressive style of play and his amiable personality, Daniel has captured poker titles around the world and has earned almost $6 million in career prize money.

His passion for poker and his knack for reading the reactions of others have landed him atop the highly competitive world of professional poker. Simply put, Daniel’s success is enormous, his talent is unrivaled and his personality is unforgettable.

In 2004, Daniel had arguably the best year in poker history with eleven final table appearances, two World Poker Tour victories and winning his third World Series of Poker bracelet. Daniel capped off the year being named ESPN Player of the Year, Card Player Magazine Player of the Year, and World Poker Tour Player of the Year. His total winnings in 2004 alone amounted to a staggering $4.4 million.

Negreanu exudes the confidence of a new generation of poker players, who were raised on video games, the Internet, and MTV and are committed to poker as a sporting competition. Negreanu is one of the most highly visible young poker stars, appearing regularly on the Fox Sports Network, ESPN, GSN and the Travel Channel. He is also an author in Super System 2, the author of a nationally syndicated newspaper column entitled “Playing Poker with Daniel Negreanu.” In addition, Daniel spends a lot of his time blogging for his popular website, www.fullcontactpoker.com, which has a large and loyal group of fans.

Daniel travels the world playing in only the highest buy-in poker events, wearing PokerStars, the online poker site that sponsors him. He continues to prepare for big games by watching all five Rocky movies and eating vegan meals prepared by his mother, who has been cooking for his tournaments since he was 18. He can often be spotted at tables wearing a hockey jersey and headphones, listening to relaxing music to focus his game.

Name: Daniel Negreanu
Alias or Handle: PokerStars: KidPoker
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Major Wins:
$1,117,400, 1st Place, WPT Season3: Borgata Poker Open, $10,000 Buyin, NL, 09-19-04
$1,770,218, 1st Place, 5-Diamond World Poker Classic, $15,000 Buyin, NL, 12-14-2004
$755,525, 1st Place, WSOP Circuit Event: Tunica, $10,000 Buyin, NL, 01-23-06
$502,691, 2nd Place, WPT Season 5, Gold Strike Open, $10,000 Buyin, NL, 01-21-07
2 World Poker Tour Titles
3 WSOP Bracelets
1st on the WPT All Time Money List
2004 CardPlayer Magazine “Player of the Year”
2004 WSOP Player of the Year

Favorite Hand: 10:C 7:C
Favorite NL Game Type: Online: Heads Up Cash, Live: Deep Stack $10,000 and Above

Daniel Negreanu (born July 26, 1974 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian professional poker player with three World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour Championship titles.

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Daniel Negreanu’s Small Ball Strategy

10 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu’s Small Ball Strategy

  1. Hi David , interesting clip with Kid Poker. From which video is this from? Also from what he says, this strategy doesn't seem so easy in internet poker, right?

  2. I revisit this vid occasionally – this comment has 61 thumbs-ups now! No doubt trying these plays on players that can't put down top pair with top kicker or overpairs, even on a very draw-heavy board, is a bad idea(but of course Daniel stresses this in the vid) If they're holding stronger than one pair, fuggetaboutit ;-p

  3. Does anyone else notice a mistake in the video? At 1:40 he mentions outs that can improve your hand on the river "3 threes, 2 fives, 3 FOURS, and 9 SPADES, equals 17 outs"… but there are 4 fours, and your outs are with clubs, not spades (unless your talking about phantom outs). So really, you have 18 outs. Comon Daniel, I expected better, lol (just kidding).

  4. lol at people who disagree with a multiple wsop bracelet winner like negreanu. i became a better player with better results over the years just watching and listening. i also have great people reading ability which is good because in order to learn to be a great player you have to sort of be good at it.

  5. Actually, that can work IF YOU READ YOUR OPPONENT RIGHT, i'm talking from personal experience. I once had an excellent night palying poker with friends and got into a hand you just described: i had flush and straight draw, but in the end, i did not get it. My only opponent that lasted to the river had trips from the turn, and very high trips. With the final big bet(i bet big throughout the hand), managed to make him fold:))
    I won the pot then showed him my bluff:))

  6. That is possible and i speak from experience from experience; Managed to bluff my opponent that had trips from the flop; had both straight and flush draw, but i didnt get it till the end, however i managed to bluff him into folding three of a kind:D
    Showed him the bluff afterwards too:)

    So if you can read an opponent, you can get away with a play like this, however, just as Daniel said, not always

  7. have you ever noticed that if you make a successful bluff, then show it, the rest of the game people will assume you are always bluffing? can be very usefull:)

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