How to PLAY a FLUSH in No Limit Hold’em – Cash Game Poker Tips

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In this hand from my reader Enos, I discuss how to play big hands like a flush in No Limit Hold’em. I’ve shared some poker tips for this type of the cash game using my step by step approach and I break down each street and discuss how to make decisions in tough spots. What would you have done? Would you call or fold with a flush in this cash game? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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How to PLAY a FLUSH in No Limit Hold’em – Cash Game Poker Tips

10 thoughts on “How to PLAY a FLUSH in No Limit Hold’em – Cash Game Poker Tips

  1. Hi Alec, sometimes I do the same move, like the limper was raised. Ex: If he limps and sould raise, I made a 3bet same way. He limps 1 I raise for 9, works for me. What do you think of this move? Thank You

  2. Check all-in turn. He never leave the Q if is that he have, or a set, but maybe leaved the 2 pairs.

  3. I put him on exactly those two cards AH 10C , but I would not have folded as I would not give up the hand , sometimes you loose , this has been my biggest problem , I can fold monster hands , but so often I have spent time building by far the biggest stack at the table just to loose it saying , you know what loveer , I think you are bluffing I do not believe you , just to find out he had the nuts the whole time , even worse when the prick rivers the exact card he needs after winging it beating big hoping for that exact card.
    this is an aspect of poker I hate , I am learning to fold boats and straights , and flushes far more often , unless it is painfully obvious it is not possible to beat , it is these big pot beats that will destroy you.
    Limping is under rated too , Limping can be a very powerful tool , so often you can do the GTO thing and bet to fold your opponents and increase your chances with AA for eg , just to see J X come up and you are beat , many variations of this senario , I have more success limping sometimes with a monster and put in 1/3 pot size bets to suck money out of them , and see if table is working for you., then bet high on the river to look like you are bluffing and you trap em , obviously mixed in with opposite strategy , I got so sick of being beaten by luck when you have AA , QQ , KK ,AKs etc…. that I have tried limping or bet sizing that suits say a A9 AT or QJ hand when you really have the nuts AA KK QQ , Monster hans are complete bad hands unless they connect with the table , I do not pay to see turn and river cards I want unless overall chances are combined with straight and flush chances , buying cars is just gambling and whittles away your stack.
    If AKs does not connect on the flop fold it.etc..

  4. He played the flush pretty well, except at the turn. He needed check raise all in, hoping the the other guy has a smaller flush, also let's him know he has the nuts. Takes the pot down and doesn't let the bloody river get there. 2 pair would fold but if you calls then hey it's gambling.

  5. I think mid check raised on flop and all in on turn because you have to protect your hand

  6. I have watched 7 of your videos and every onre of them you guys wind up going broke

  7. That was the ONLY hand that you could possibly put that player on, and it makes complete sense given how the hand played out.
    Villain flopped 2 pair. Hero flops the flush.
    Two pair just hung around and rivered the boat.
    I'm no great hand reader but by the river the villains hand is fairly obvious. There is virtually no other hand he plays that way.

  8. What if the combination cards are heart flush example. A3789 then player X holding heart 2 and 5 diamond.
    Player Y holding 4 diamond and 6 diamond. Is it tie breaker or player X win.?

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