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In this video, I go over how I play with a small or low roller bankroll on the Darkside

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10 thoughts on “HOW TO PLAY LOW ROLLER CRAPS – Darkside

  1. God of gambling did many of this dark side plays and was on hot streak winning until eventually he didn't manage to adapt and recover loses. It's a lot harder than it looks! 🤗

  2. Hey Chris, Thanks for refreshing my mind On the Dark Side strategies. I also like to play the DP and also play The Headless Horseman with it when I see too many early 7s. But overall I am a light side team player. But you got to do what you got to do sometimes. Winning is the priority. Regards , Dan

  3. Great demo . I love the dark side but when the table is real choppy I have taken Tony Leo's advice in after 5 or 6 wins by a thrower on the light side then go to the do that one has to watch the table closely to see who is making two or three points but start on the fourth come out by a shooter or if no one at the table goes paast two made come outs. Means I sit out a lot of roles but helps preserve the BR.

  4. Really like your rollouts Chris, appreciate exploring the Darkside. My ‘Go To’ is a single unit Ladder (negative progression), Bankroll of $100 per $5 in Base Level amount, 20% Win Goal (build Bankroll to increase unit size). Key play rules: any DP loss switch to next DC, any DC loss switch back (Trapeze), your limit of 2 losses per Shooter, stay on DP (or DC) & play out win streaks. Smaller Buy-in & short Win Goal are huge, I use 20% as a ‘walk point’. Good conditions are bets stay in Levels 1-4 & trend down to Base. Don’t need a cold table, but do need a favorable balance of wins to losses. Scout the table first, learn to recognize low hanging fruit, good test is play just the first 4 Levels & see where it goes. Thanks again for the great content Chris.

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