I Play BIGGEST STAKES And BIGGEST POTS Of My Life!! Must See!! Poker Vlog Ep 173

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I Play BIGGEST STAKES And BIGGEST POTS Of My Life!! Must See!! Poker Vlog Ep 173

10 thoughts on “I Play BIGGEST STAKES And BIGGEST POTS Of My Life!! Must See!! Poker Vlog Ep 173

  1. I swear, Always when I got a pocket J (online) there is either one hand with pocket aces or kings, And it's always if im on -10bbs where my game has turned into all in or nothing in the bubble…… looks so rigged

  2. Dude you play so scared, how do you hesitate calling with Q6ss for $4k, its an easy call and if you're coolered then so be it. And in a slightly higher stakes like this the third nuts isn't just a bluff catcher, it wouldn't be unusual for all the flush draws to be playing exactly the same. You seem to think just because the game is bigger you're outlook is more negative. The only hand where you really had a nutted hand but it was just a bluff catcher was KJdd and that i think was a fold because villain only had $2k left when he jammed and he really doesn't have enough money to provide enough pressure for fold equity so it was pretty obvious he wasn't bluffing, but otherwise everything else was standard

  3. you played terrible up to the 18th min.
    extremely weak.
    scared money don't make no money.
    you allowed players to get there on you for free.
    got to bet and protect your hands.

  4. mate what are you apologising for? You don't owe us anything and I'm sure a lot of us owe you something or other, either in entertainment or just lessons Brad…
    Enjoy yourself and do your thing!

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