INSANE ALL-IN FOR $424,000 ON FINAL TABLE $10K Millions!

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Bencb is on a HUGE FINAL TABLE of the $10K Millions with $424,000 for 1st and finds himself in an insane all-in!


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INSANE ALL-IN FOR $424,000 ON FINAL TABLE $10K Millions!

10 thoughts on “INSANE ALL-IN FOR $424,000 ON FINAL TABLE $10K Millions!

  1. Wow the 9-4o analysis was amazing, how do you even come up with these precise ranges…😅 great stream dude.
    Schreibe gerade eine Facharbeit zur Mathematik in Poker und habe erstmal die Basics von Odds und Outs erklärt. Meine betreuende Lehrerin hat keine Ahnung davon und denkt das wäre alles. Wann soll ich es ihr sagen? ^^

  2. i WOuld be starting reshoving K9s+ K6s is a bit too loose for my taste nice it bad out so well. Well played bro

  3. What a sick man.. that was brilliant so relaxed ha would like to see wins like that one day myself hahaha

  4. The a4s 3b hand so cool how you have such good intuition for ranges.
    "Im not bluffing a 10. He often has j10s or a10s"

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