Just a Few Hands in a Passive 1/2 NLHE Game – Poker Vlog #44

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Saturday in Atlantic City means another shot at keeping the win streak alive in the Harrah’s 1/2 NL game. The table is tight and passive though, and playing too many hands leads to writing too few down!

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Just a Few Hands in a Passive 1/2 NLHE Game – Poker Vlog #44

10 thoughts on “Just a Few Hands in a Passive 1/2 NLHE Game – Poker Vlog #44

  1. Whatโ€™s up Matt. Are you going to be in
    AC for the Pokerstars MegaStack event this weekend?

  2. Wow, I'd love to sit at a table like this for once in my life. I've gotten to experience a tight passive table just a few times, and each time it was so incredibly fun! Getting to play LAG live is awesome!

    Usually here in Finland everyone is aggro and ambitious so the right play is to just sit there nitting it up in a very boring way

  3. Just found your vlog – I enjoy watching you and you give very nice commentary — I think you are very good at getting people's ranges, I am not so good at that — could you give some tips on what you look for and how you do this?

  4. I hate people with a million cuts in their video i just imagine you shooting and saying the same thing to yourself repeatedly to appease the broadest audience. Just be you bro.

  5. Who else thinks there's a lot of Chips in that water an would love to scuba there

  6. Surface parking is much closer to the poker room. I have not parked in the garage for years now.

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