Let’s Talk No Limit Hold’em Strategy (w/ Gary Blackwood)

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Cash game pro Gary “GazzyB” Blackwood joins Doug Polk to discuss the ever-changing state of No Limit Hold’em games, player tendencies in 2022, making Upswing Lab content, hand histories from High Stakes Poker, and more.

0:00 Intro
2:13 Gary joins, Hellmuth Q4o hand: LOAT?
13:34 Poker in 2022, Solvers and Studying
33:40 HSP Hand History reviews: Antonius vs Adelstein
50:15 Negreanu vs JRB
1:02:55 Tilly vs Hultman
1:16:13 Personal life: Tornado, Vlogging, Poker Stories
1:35:08 Outro

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Let’s Talk No Limit Hold’em Strategy (w/ Gary Blackwood)

10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk No Limit Hold’em Strategy (w/ Gary Blackwood)

  1. PROPOSITION FOR DOUG – I am one of those people that you hate that think some sites are not random and in fact are rigged. By rigged I mean they manipulate the games somehow to give some players an advantage. My guess is that these players are house bots that they use to get money from the players. I played at Coin Poker who has an open source RNG code and I have been told by their support that their source code is what most of the sites use as well. When I read the source code, I saw a major issue which is that the players' identities are in the source code for the shuffling and dealing of cards. The only reason why they would put that in there is if they wanted to give one player an advantage over another. If a site were to have an open source RNG and take out the players' names and instead just put if the position at the table was filled or not, they would end the debate about online poker being rigged. I obviously am a nobody and have no voice, you however do have a voice and this could be a major breakthrough for poker if a site did this and then people would realize how rigged the sites have been or it proves that the RNG has always been random online. Either way, a site that would do this would completely end the argument. Why don't you talk to Phil Galfond and ask him to do this for his new site that he is launching? I tweeted him but he didn't respond to me but if he is as honest and trustworthy as everyone says he is then he should have no issue doing this. (P.S. – when you use your tanning lotion you need to put it on with lotion to even it out, yours gets blotchy which is common with spray tans. Putting some hand lotion in with it will make it more even)

  2. I'm glad to hear someone publicly call hellmuth a disgrace… I've always thought that. You've made millions doing your favorite thing in the world and you berate players!? No….. Just no

  3. Watching Doug cringe every time Gazzy mentions an exploit vs certain types of players was priceless

  4. A world in which GazzyB123 uses solvers is a worse world IMO. I miss the old study group.

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