Limping 100% from the Small Blind

Texas Holdem Strategy Video Source & Information: Jonathan Little demonstrates his small blind limp 100% strategy against a GTO bot. This time it does not work out too well! What will Jonathan’s biggest mistake be: limp-re-raising with junk or jamming the river as a bluff?

Source: YouTube

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Limping 100% from the Small Blind

3 thoughts on “Limping 100% from the Small Blind

  1. Jonathan I always look forward to your weekly poker hand and other content that you put out. It's great content, and I appreciate the amount of content. It's usually just right, dive in deep enough to cover the content without extra fluff. Thanks?

  2. The problems with limp/raising trashy off suited combos:

    a) The off suit combos add up quickly and we can potentially start overbluffing.
    b) They have terrible equity realisastion out of position.
    c) They have terrible raw equity against villains calling range.

    For these reasons we should probably lean toward limp/raising low suited combos instead. At least they have better Eq realisation to go along with the slightly higher raw Eq they have.

    Thanks for the video, always enjoy hearing your thoughts.

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