Losing our Mind at $3-$5 Spread Limit Holdem

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Bart Hanson discusses losing your mind during a hand.

In this hand the caller gets raised when he flops top pair. Instead of check to the raiser on the turn, he doesn’t want to give a free card to a flush draw so decides to donk lead. Then the whole hand collapses at the end.

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Losing our Mind at $3-$5 Spread Limit Holdem

10 thoughts on “Losing our Mind at $3-$5 Spread Limit Holdem

  1. Hero seems to have some flaws in his hand reading logic. He says that this villain hasn’t been aggressive. Yet, when the villain raises on the flop, he defaults to the “he has more flush draws in his range than sets”. This is very unlikely, and leaning on “sets are hard to make” isn’t going to cut it. When a noted passive player begins to take aggressive actions, those sets begin to make up a big part of their range, regardless of how difficult they are to make at the start of the hand. As players begin to reveal information about their hand through their actions and frequencies, you need to modify your range estimate accordingly. In this case, this villain is probably giving away way too much information through their low frequency action, allowing for hero to make an easy fold on the flop. Let villain deal with their problem, you don’t need to defend with much.

    Alright, going to finish the video now. I hope villain surprises me and shows 54cc!

    Damn, the set:( Classic. Hopefully hero learns from this and doesn’t pay this guy off next time!

  2. i called this on the flop "set of 6s or 2s" because low pairs are what most players overlimp on the button. why not just fold flop and if he has A4dd cool? hes got a lot of equity. Im not putting in my money with 1 pair. i see this way too often. its better to make a tight fold with little money invested than put yourself in this position. people are always putting other people on flush draws! lol live poker

  3. this guy made a lot of unverifiable assumptions but the worst part is that the lead on the river flys right in the face of all of them.

  4. Wow this guy could not have played the river worse if his life depended on it. Live poker is far from dead, folks…

  5. Caller is clicking buttons, making up his own logic street by street. Players like him should make live poker profitable, but you can’t put them on a range so what else is there to do besides make value hands and get paid off, as villain did? And some of the time your set gets cracked. Poker = 85% boring (folds), 10% winning (making a set), 5% infuriating (coolers and suck outs). 🤷‍♂️

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