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  4. lol literally stopped watching after his rng theory after the first hand, fish will be fish

  5. I believe the guys Rng explanation is pretty accurate I'd work for a casino and on the slot machines which are all random number generated it produces 10000 results per second it's not a theory it's actual the moment that you hit the spin button on a slot machine much like any other random number generator is the result that you're going to get there is some truth in the fact that he would have called it could have took someone else a couple more seconds to decipher a call and it will change

  6. No, that's not how a RNG works for a poker table or any other card based online table game. Once the hand starts the order of the cards is set for that entire hand, same goes for online Blackjack. The only thing close to what he's saying is what happens in slot style card games like video poker where, after being dealt the initial 5 cards, the remaining 47 cards are continuously being shuffled until the player makes a decision what cards to discard and then hits Draw.

  7. all these people calling him a fish, lol, if you guys werent all fishes u wouldnt be looking at low stake 25c/50c poker strategies

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