NEGREANU vs POLK | TRAPPING in the High Stakes Feud

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Edit: The hat says PRAGUE.

Polk changes gear in this hand from his consistent aggressive strategy to laying a trap for Negreanu. Does Negreanu take the bait or will Polk’s attempt at trapping him pay off in the High Stakes Feud? ⁣

Negreanu has publicly announced that he will be continuing past the halfway mark which means the full 25,000 hands will be played! I’m really looking forward to creating more of these hand analysis videos for you over the next few months, can Negreanu claw his way back? ⁣

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NEGREANU vs POLK | TRAPPING in the High Stakes Feud

10 thoughts on “NEGREANU vs POLK | TRAPPING in the High Stakes Feud

  1. What would YOU do with Q♥ 9♥ on the turn?

    Your Stack: $34,000

    Their Stack: $83,421

    Board: J♦ 3♥ 3♣ Q♠

    Pot: $13,888

    Polk checks

    A) Check

    B) Bet 33% pot

    C) Bet 66% pot

    D) Bet >100% pot

  2. B – As I believe I'm ahead and I don't want to scare him off with a large bet as he's just checked.

  3. I'm so elated to have hit my queen and had my opponent check! So I'd walk right into this trap. Plus it should look a bit bluffy to light up right when your opponent shows weakness.

    Pretty clear to me 66% is way too much to bet tho. I'll take 33% and if I didn't know Polk had aces I'd be quite certain that's the right play.

  4. Hello Jonathan, I think I would check on the Turn in order to call/bluff catch the River bet? Is that wrong way or thinking?

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