No Limit Hold’em CASH GAME | Episode 3 – Triton Poker Cyprus 2022

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🔱 3rd episode (3 total) of the Triton Poker Cyprus 2022 no limit hold’em cash game featuring: Elton Tsang, Johan “YoH ViraL” Guilbert, Jason Koon, Paul Phua, Wai Kin Yong, Will Tjokro, Siangeng Ewe & Artur Martirosyan.

🎤 Commentator: Randy “Nanonoko” Lew

📌 Location: Merit Crystal Cove Resort & Casino – Girne, Cyprus

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No Limit Hold’em CASH GAME | Episode 3 – Triton Poker Cyprus 2022

10 thoughts on “No Limit Hold’em CASH GAME | Episode 3 – Triton Poker Cyprus 2022

  1. These cash games are always the best. The line up. The commentating from Nano too.

  2. Hope we can get some NLH cash game action from Madrid too! Great stuff Triton!

  3. To be up 7 buy ins is really sick, he was hitting like crazy yes but still to be this much after 3 hrs is pretty unreal

  4. エルトン無敵やん!

  5. Koon is such a wierdo nerd. He brings nothing of value to any game. Lack of any personality

  6. Guilbert is the happyest player ever. Why does he get invited to any games? His tanking and face/body motions are so cringy. He looks like he shat himself everytime he’s making a decision

  7. Bring a throne to this Elton, my man is crushing the table, people are eating on the floor. How the F one man could run like that ? May his worst day be like this. What a run.

  8. That AT call by martirosian seems pretty loose. Elton betting into 2 people on the river. He has QJ, JT, AQ, AJ, QT, 99, KJ here. (And apparently KK). What is martirosian hoping for here? Like 77 or 88 excactly? Seems very hard to be bluffing here. Elton would have to turn a pair into a bluff which he doesnt seem to do too much.

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