Pocket Aces vs. Ace King plus 7 MORE MONSTER PREMIUM HANDS

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During the TCHLive $5/$10/$25 High Stakes No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Live stream from Texas Card House, an insane run of premium hands flew out of the deck. Pocket Aces vs. Ace King, Pocket Aces vs. Ace Seven, Ace King vs. Queen Jack Suited, Ace Queen vs. Queen Ten, Ace Jack Suited vs. Pocket Kings and many more. The hands featured in this highlight video total in over $200k in pots.

Ram vs. Trick Time is one of the key match ups to watch ever Tuesday from Texas Card House on @TCH LiVE This week they go head to head three times with over $70,000 riding on the line. Premium hands are featured in every battle.

These poker lights from the TCH Live Stream feature big hand after big hand with post over $15,000 and some nearing $40,000 with JD, Jenn, Brian Green and more.

Watch this full stream here – https://youtu.be/RAX6aq_cbtY

00:00 – Intro
00:24 – Hand 1
03:36 – Hand 2
06:24 – Hand 3
09:09 – Hand 4
11:54 – Hand 5
13:48 – Hand 6
17:03 – Hand 7
22:36 – Hand 8

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High Stake Poker with players like JD, SkyDiver Scott. Special Guests like Next Gen Poker, Lex O Poker, Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen

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Pocket Aces vs. Ace King plus 7 MORE MONSTER PREMIUM HANDS

10 thoughts on “Pocket Aces vs. Ace King plus 7 MORE MONSTER PREMIUM HANDS

  1. Who is the commenter, he's worse than those guys at Stones during Postlegate. 10:55 – AA vs AK is not a cooler hand, AA vs KK is. AK isn't even a favorite against 22.

  2. Nothing better than seeing somebody like trick time get stacked. That guy Brian Green is nothing but a donk. Play the circuit with him several times, he's a tool.

  3. Was really hoping to see Nick Saban play a hand, but alas he's tight as a drum. Fitting.

  4. Man I enjoy watching videos involving Trick Time. He has got the aggression and conviction to go through to the end, brings in the players and leads the play, a true table leader. You guys will need to bring back Bildo after his legal affairs are in order, I love how he breaks people's bank rolls and mental fortitude by delivering some of the best a$$ whoopings I have ever seen.

  5. This is a collection of some sickest hands that I’ve ever seen , thanks

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