Poker Bankroll Management Strategy – Poker Fundamentals Course – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy 2015

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Published on Mar 10, 2016

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Our Origins was originally started in 2014 by Alton Hardin as a dedicated micro stakes cash game study group as a means to quickly and efficiently improving his poker game. In a matter of months it quickly morphed into a dedicated micro stakes community with a dedicated Skype study group, micro stakes forum, and free training material. As the months passed on, members came and went from the world of micro stakes, as they commonly do; however, Alton was dedicated to continue to evolve MicroGrinder. From 2014 – 2015, Alton had drastically improved his poker game to the point where he was developing poker training videos on YouTube, Udemy, Amazon and for fellow micro stakes poker players.

Our Mission
Today Alton is dedicated to continue that path with, continue to write poker strategy articles, best-selling poker books, and poker training courses all geared towards beginning and struggling micro stakes poker players at an affordable price. Currently Alton has produced three poker books, four poker courses, numerous poker strategy articles and over 85 free YouTube poker strategy videos. While is no longer a study group or micro stakes poker forum, it is a dedicated micro stakes poker strategy resources.

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Poker Bankroll Management Strategy – Poker Fundamentals Course – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy 2015

7 thoughts on “Poker Bankroll Management Strategy – Poker Fundamentals Course – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy 2015

  1. You should've schooled Matt Damon & Worm. Not sure of your BI examples. Is this the min buy-in for cash games? What is the relation to big blinds? Are 1-table sit n go's the same? how do u adjust for tournament size in bigger tournaments? for example, a 75 player tourney vs. a 500 player tourney?

  2. Hello, I found your videos after losing a fair amount of my bankroll, I have been playing for 4 years, 2 years "properly" kind of seems silly to have been playing for 4 years and still managing to lose my bankroll. It made me realise that no matter how good you think you are, you can still learn more, or even recap on things that you may have forgotten. I guess it wasn't the fact of whether I win or lose but my willingness to learn and enjoy the game that kept me playing. I Have recently bought your Micro games course on Udemy and really like your K.I.S.S strategy as it tought me that I was over thinking things. I was playing marginal hands a lot after watching another coach try it at higher stakes (in position granted) but marginal hands nonetheless. and at stakes like 2/5NL It's the solid hand strength that counts right? I still feel proud of myself as each time I've lost a big amount of money, I've learned something new, this is the second time, the first time I went bust, but this time I stopped my self in time and still have just over $100 to play with.

    I like to play Zoom games on Stars as I find them more accessible and easier to get into.I have been trying to apply your methods to Zoom games as well. After watching your videos I have been keeping a much tighter range, especially in Zoom, as when I now get 3 bet in Button on Blind action I know I mostly likely have the best hand. Which leads me to ask: Do you have any advice or courses for Zoom game (type) bankroll management and play? I also notice Zoom tends to be a bit more swingy.

  3. Great vid! I'm currently subscribed to an online poker course and really learned a lot from it.

  4. How much of your bankroll should you play with in cash games? I understand you need at least 20 buy ins , however say you can afford a lot more than 20 buy ins. What percentage of your total bankroll should you risk in one cash game? For tournaments I understand that it is about 2% of your total bank roll. So if you have a $500 bankroll, you should only buy into a $10 tournament or less. Is it the same % for cash games? I can't imagine risking your entire bankroll in one cash game.

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