10 thoughts on “Poker Tournament Strategy Quiz

  1. i think marty has the best hand here, and since the other guy's tight, i wouldn't push in this situation. i'd probably bet 1200-1500 since it would appear to the other guy that i'm trying to get paid off. i definitely wouldn't check here because u can't afford to give someone a free card with only top pair. the other guy's prolly gonna call with a mid size bet if he has anything. if he reraises me all-in, then i'd call since the pot odds dictate this move

  2. raise more on the flop to give yourself an easier potsized shove on the turn. this way you'll still get value against worse hands on the turn.

    whereas if you openshove this for over potsize, you're repping a monster and weaker 9s (i'm thinking T9 and 98 here) have a faiirly easy fold.

  3. Without any info on the opponent I'd put her on an overpair like 10's or J's, or a drawing hand like A5suited. The board is relatively harmless except to a set or overpair, but I would check and see what she bets out.

  4. playing multi tables is bullbad, how can you tell me that you can play even just 2 separate tables and concentrate properly on every move made by every player and memorise there play? its imposible you will miss too much information, when playing a tournament i watch carefully every move made by every player therefore you need 100% concentration on your table. people that say they play up to 4 tables at once i dont consider them to be a good player.

  5. since too much straight possibilities just check / call it down, or mb raise a little as a defender bet, he probabaly has like AK, AQ, TT, 88, or a lower pair like 44, 55, imo u check it down cuz too much straight, and call all the way unless he makes huge bets cuz it would mean he has straight or something strong or just tries to represent it but its unlikely with those stats

  6. You continue with another bet. Regardless of what he has you will be able to tell the strength of his hand after the follow up bet. If he is has an over pair he may re raise your raise and you will know. If he has something like an AJ he will simply call. If he is baiting you with a big hand he will let you know by the river. Either way, a check will most likely cause you to lose to a decent size raise.

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