10 thoughts on “Poker Training — When to go All-in in no limit holdem poker

  1. you should have also mention that since he has a set of 8ts, he is a bad player and all the draws miss, going all in is correct because he might think we're bluffing with the missed draw and it's even more probably he will call… excelent video, you're totally right

  2. I'm pretty sure the correct move is to check the river for various reasons.
    1. If you check he might think you missed your draw and bet his trip 8s.
    2. If you check you give him the opportunity to bluff his missed draw after all he wants that big pot.
    3. Even if he had second pair since he's a "bad player" he'll bet the river to try and bluff you off top pair by representing 2 pair or a set, either way you have him crushed.
    BUT if you shove him he'll simply fold when he's missed his draw and might even fold his bottom pair (88). DO the math.

  3. This was very helpful. I rarely go all-in, but this is a perfect example of when you should.

  4. A pot sized bet would have cost me almost 70 bucks. Thanks for the advice

  5. Pocket aces go all in pre flop is a good play. Your opponent will often think you are bluffing.

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