Pokerstars 2017 100NL Exploitative Strategy

Texas Holdem Strategy Video Source & Information:

Watch AomIsHot22 battle it out at 100nl Zoom on Pokerstars

Please watch: “$2.50/$5.00 6-Max Zoom Live Play + Anki Study/ New 3 Bet Pot Training Pack!”


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Pokerstars 2017 100NL Exploitative Strategy

10 thoughts on “Pokerstars 2017 100NL Exploitative Strategy

  1. content is good but you constantly eating drinking and typing off to the side ruins the video

  2. Nice video man :).Although I wanna ask you .. at the JJ hand when you were otb , do you consider checking vs fish there on AAT? give that you won,t get 3 streets ?

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  5. know this is old. but you couldn't eat and stay hydrated before you made the video? stopped watching because of it

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