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10 thoughts on “POT ODDS, EQUITY & MATH IN POKER [Poker Strategy]

  1. Good info, but i was cringing throughout the video whenever you used the word "siduation", which was often.

  2. Just so im clear. Lets say after the flop, i have 4 to a flush aka flush draw. Giving me 9 outs aka 36% chance with 2 cards to come that i will hit my flush. Its easier to call a bet that is less than 36% or 1/3ish of whatever the total pot is? Because my chances of hitting are greater than what i have to pay to see the turn?

  3. Ha ha hahahaha ha hahah – that cake stuff is like a 7 year old classroom hah – class work ^^ here's a gold star sticker for effort! 🙂

  4. That is one of the worst drawn cakes I've ever seen. One piece was 1/4, one piece was 1/3, and one piece was 2/5. But they were all supposed to be equal, right?

  5. What about the money you've already put in in previous rounds? Do you count that as "the pot", or do you have to remove all money you've put in when doing math? I'm going to guess even though it's your money, it belongs to the pot now, so it's still "money to be won" and not "getting my bets back", as far as the math is concerned, right?

    E.g. The pot is $100 but $35 of it is "mine". Then on the river somebody raises $5. When comparing that $5 to the pot, do I treat the pot as if none of that money is mine? Yes, right?

  6. you're vegan. but why not a bratwurst. or wienerschnitsel. swartzwalder schinken. or better full limonade glass of snaps

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