Raising To $13,000 In Huge Victory!!!

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Raising To $13,000 In Huge Victory!!!

10 thoughts on “Raising To $13,000 In Huge Victory!!!

  1. C Gambler was tight all night, so honestly a fold vs a 3 bet on the flop when he completely whiffs doesn't seem too crazy.

  2. 2 of my faves, Bart Hanson and Brad Owen, give poker commentary in this short, love it

  3. here's how to call a 4-bet with a mandatory fold and then do a non-existent 2.6x raise whilst holding cards you want your opponent to have. I guarantee everything after the 3-bet from villain is wrong from a solver. You're losing to AA, KK, QQ, AQ and you're blocking AK and 1010.

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