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SICKET COMEBACK EVER… STUCK $10,000 *MUST WATCH* | C2B Poker Vlog Ep. 166 (JOIN CLUB GG) & And Play with ME!

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10 thoughts on “SICKEST COMEBACK EVER… STUCK $10,000 *MUST WATCH* | C2B Poker Vlog Ep. 166

  1. I love how you always get back to your subscribers! As far as I know, with all the bloggers that I do watch you giveaway more than anyone, and that is awesome of you! I can tell you have a really big heart and I really like that about you Keep it up man.

  2. I have been analyzing your trip jacks hand for SO long now. I could write a masterclass thesis on it lol….
    It's a very interesting hand, specifically because of your opponents line and stack sizes.

    Recap of his actions, and what we can assume from them:
    – Big 3-bet preflop, when he could have just closed the action.
    – Big bet on flop.
    – Then, checking turn on a very draw heavy board? Well, this (pretty much) eliminates all sets and straights from his range.
    – Then, a 40% river bet? Uhhh….. what?

    Okay, at this point, how many combinations does he have in his range, AS PLAYED, that BEAT you? I'd say 3.5. He would definitely play AJ like this. But, he'd likely continue betting the turn, with AJ of hearts, some percentage of the time. So, I'll count AJ of hearts for (1/2) a combo.

    – Do YOU have bluffs in this spot? Yes, plenty. Basically, all your hands that contain a 10 can be turned into a bluff.
    – Do you have the skill to bluff in this spot? Yes.
    – Can he, as played, have a strong ONE PAIR hand that could theoretically even call your raise? Sure.
    – But, would he LEAD the RIVER, for 1,000$, with a strong one pair type of hand? This seems much less likely.

    So, unless he actually HAS one of the three combo's of AJ, his river-bet is indicative of one of the following:
    1.) A bluff targeting your weak one-pair holdings, 10/10, 8/8/ A-9 diamonds/etc.
    2.) Some type of blocker bet.

    My conclusion: It's close, because of the contradicting information and assumptions. Hence, I'd let my current table image dictate my decision. If they thought I was a maniac, I'd raise, hoping his strange river-bet was an attempt at blocking.
    That being said, I no longer think your flat-call was "wrong." (Though, I did originally, before I went into nerd-mode.)

  3. Most of the time, 5 bets from recs are only AA or KK, almost none of them are good enough/ballsy enough to mix in AKs

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