Texas Holdem Poker – 25NL on Americas Card Room (ACR) – Live Commentary

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Texas Holdem Poker – 25NL on Americas Card Room (ACR) – Live Commentary

6 thoughts on “Texas Holdem Poker – 25NL on Americas Card Room (ACR) – Live Commentary

  1. Curious why you are folding 66 in position to a 3bb raise. Set over set is pretty rare in NLHE and is pretty much never a concern. Similar to AA vs KK in that respect. With 100bb effective stacks, you need about 15:1 implied odds to set mine. Your direct odds of flopping a set are 8.5:1, so the extra 7.5 is to account for times where you get set over set, or lose to a flush, or not get max value, etc. This is also not taking into account that you are in position, and players behind you are not likely to 3 bet all that much. There are a lot of boards where the preflop raiser will have to check fold, or cbet the flop and check fold the turn. I think you are missing value.

    Also, why are you talking about GTO at 25NL? You should be looking to maximize value here, not play GTO.

  2. 8:31 – This is a massive leak in your thinking/game here (I wouldn't say anything unless I was really sure), lets check it out.

    "That is… pretty bad for our range"
    "um, the button is going to have us pretty crushed on a board like this."
    "Plus it's low, plus it's connected."
    "So we're not going to not fight back at all"

    Aside from the 4th quote listed above, these are all not true, and by the way, I understand if you were just trying to think of things to say and said it. It would be pretty boring if you just said nothing at all. I think truly, deep down, you were thinking "I have a pretty bad hand, so I am going to fold." Which is bad, I guess, but that not that bad of a reason.

    Lets start with each quote and take this one at a time

    It's actually not a bad flop for our range at all. We have a bb defense range, meaning we are very wide, and have tons of pair+straight draw, 2 pair, straights, and gut shots on this board. To be fair, the button, who is supposed to be pretty wide, also has some of these combinations too, like the 9 combos of sets and suited two pair and straights. What makes this flop actually better for our range than his though, is that we have hands like AQ, AK, other Ax, over pairs, etc, discounted from our range, while our opponent has all of those in his still (uncapped pre flop open).

    Quote 2: Button Crushing

    Although in terms of raw equity, the button probably has a range that contains slightly more equity than ours (if there was no more betting), but he absolutely does not crush our range on this board, it's kinda the opposite (ill get to that later). We still have the off suit straights, the off suit 2 pairs, the random draws, and many pairs that his range just simply does not have.

    Quote 3: It's low, it's connected"

    Which brings us to the 3rd quote. What do you want? A high board? Does our bb range do better on QJT? What about AT9? 689? The board being low is a positive, and it's ironic that we probably crush HIS range, if you really think about it. His range is simply "higher" than ours. Higher as in hand rank higher.

    Quote 4: We're not going to fight back at all. This is reasonable, just not for the reasons listed. We are going to have much better hands on this board that we can play, hands like pairs with a 2 pair draw (lol), straight draws, 2 pairs, etc. In fact, we have so many good hands on this board, it's hard to come up with enough bluffs sometimes. This is a board I see players on the button just give up on pretty often, since it's difficult to play, and they often air ball (AT, KJ, T9 suited come to mind), and make the mistake of C-betting this flop.

    Although I like leading out this flop with a VERY wide variety of hands, it's a play that doesn't need to be over used, so I can see a check/fold being very reasonable sometimes. Lead/3 barreling with a gut shot seems better than 3 barreling this hand. Check/Calling is certainly a thing too, as you can check/raise turn cards like 2s, 3s, 7s, 8s, any spades and some other cards too, and check call turn on Ks and Qs of course. I like to sometimes take stronger over cards to later streets on this board, and overly exploit the player field with many hundreds of combos, since, like I established, we truly have a more playable range than our opponent.

    Plz respond, I will respect counter points or analysis. Very open to what you have to say.

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