The 3 Advantages and How to Improve Post flop Play

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I occasionally send out an email to my Weekly Boost subscribers where I asked them what ONE strategy they want to improve right now.
I received a response from Mark saying that he wants to improve post-flop play. Well, this is 75% of poker, so it’s basically like asking, “how I play poker?”
I think there are 3 things to focus on to help somebody with post-flop play. They are called the 3 Advantages and I discuss them in this video. I also discussed the most important skill every poker player must master to improve post-flop play.
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Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you learned a little something. Now, practice it in your next play or study session.

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The 3 Advantages and How to Improve Post flop Play

6 thoughts on “The 3 Advantages and How to Improve Post flop Play

  1. Great Videos, today's play is so much more complicated as the opening hand ranges are so much wider

  2. I don't understand where the grids @4:50 come from (in the Range discussion). Is that informed from statistics? Are these just general guidelines according to common sense? Why for example is AA, KK, and QQ greyed out in the calling range? If I had any of those, I would definitely call. I'm a huge newb, so please assume very little background knowledge for me.

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