The Secret to Satellite Poker Tournaments

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Satellite poker tournaments are their own beast. See more:
This changes the game flow and strategy. In today’s hand review I cover a sticky spot from a satellite tournament and unveil some unconventional suggestions.

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I also pick hands which are sent to me from readers like yourself to give you actual feedback on your specific questions.

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The Secret to Satellite Poker Tournaments

10 thoughts on “The Secret to Satellite Poker Tournaments

  1. the calling preflop made no sense in my opinion. 3 betting would be the more Logical play

  2. I've seen that so many times playing online tourneys… Chipleader can easily raise with a 78 suited, then when he flops two pair, trips or a straight, nobody will believe him, because they put him on AK, KQ, KJ, and other combinations of high cards…

    So if Chipleader's opponent hit a pair, him or her might go all in…

    This is why you should open-raise preflop with a wide range if you have enough chips

  3. Maybe you all know this, but I felt like sharing it:

    Almost all the players stick to an Ace. It doesn't matter if it is A-7, A-10 or A-2, they will play that hand. So if you have pocket Queens, pocket Jacks or even pocket Kings you should consider to fold if there is an Ace on the board.

    If I have 79 offsuit and the flop comes J92(rainbow), I can easily call a raise (if heads up, of course),
    But if I have 9J offsuit and the flop comes JA3(rainbow) I can easily fold to a raise… Because I know Aces don't go anywhere. We are 9 players… What is it the odds for one of the 9 players to be dealt an Ace?

  4. I disagree on the line taken. I would have preferred with a raise pre or a fold. When the flop comes out Q high, the player must plan the rest of the hand. Your plan needs to include a triple barrel by the big stack. I either fold on the turn or shove. If you fold you have enough chips to still qualify. If you had raised pre and been three bet, you could have laid down the hand and committed less chips.

  5. He said the person was playing in a satellite trying to win a seat… you just need to make the top 10-20% of the field which is why playing a different style is what this was about. If it was for money then yes the hand would be played different. But with 26k left behind he still might be in the top 30-40% of the field and just need a small hand to get his chips back. Satellites I agree are a entire different type of play.

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