Three Way All-In With Kings | Poker Vlog #195

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Poker Vlog #195: I get involved in a three way all-in with kings. Are we ahead? If we are, can we hold?


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Three Way All-In With Kings | Poker Vlog #195

10 thoughts on “Three Way All-In With Kings | Poker Vlog #195

  1. KK hand: What a hilarious series of calls from T5s. I guess they're somewhat acceptable heads-up, but three ways? Easily drawing dead or razor-thin. And sure enough…

    A3h hand: I love how the villain knows he's beat, tells you as much, and still calls with some two pair. What does some two pair beat against your player type? Next to nothing.

    AJ hand: Given the flop betting, no way the villain only has one pair. He's got a flopped set there all day. Didn't seem like he'd ever fold unless a fourth spade landed.

    AK hand: Somehow I knew that one was gonna end in heartache. When that jack peeled I got realllllllly nervous given how often people overplay KJ. Those hands are among the most frustrating – especially since you know if you fast-played it the villain wouldn't get away and you'd lose anyway. Gross.

  2. Was just watching your last twitch video and you mentioned that you hated checking the lobby for the $2/$5 game to open up because there is no waitlist on BetMGMMI. If you open the table and leave it open while it's full, you'll auto sit at the table when a seat opens.

  3. Nice session. The AsJ hand is a mess. You b3b on this flop with sets? Top 2? Small flushes? The nuts? You bluff with aj apparently but you only have spade outs maybe. Turn and river when you shove you get called by made hands. He cant have A spades. So you only fold out 57 or 78 or 89 with one spade? If you check he can bluff maye a 99 hand with a spade.

  4. KdQs hand bluff river i dont like. Would you really raise JQ here for value? Would you raise the KdQd here? Probably. You represent a boat but unlikely as played. With the boat you would shove allin massive right? Just fold this one

  5. Nice check jam with the A3hearts vs 2 pair. Gotta be tough to know he's not gonna check back river, well done. Hey David plz checkout this superquick video I made, great for ppl who love poker and have short attention spans:

  6. Do you play at Firekeepers in Battle Creek a lot? I miss that place from when I used to live in the Sturgis area.

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