Top 5 Poker Skills Beginners STRUGGLE With

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High Stakes Poker Pro Phil Galfond breaks down the TOP 5 Poker Skills Beginners Struggle With. Use these poker tips to identify ways to exploit the new poker players in your poker games, especially if you play low stakes live poker or small stakes online poker!

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Beginners struggle with tons of important poker concepts but these 5 are the most important poker concepts that beginner’s struggle with.

The TOP 5 Poker skills that new poker players struggle with are Hand Reading, Figuring Out Hand Value, Bluffing, Understanding Position, and Bankroll Management.

Hand Reading: New poker players often pay too much attention to their poker hand and the board or they put their opponent on exactly one hand.

Hand reading is more complex than that, it’s a multi-street process that takes time to learn.

Pay attention to what is going on in poker hands when you are not involved and you can rapidly improve this important poker skill.

Figuring Out Hand Value: One of the most common poker mistakes beginner poker players make is they struggle to adjust their poker strategy and their idea of hand strength to changing game conditions.

The type of poker hand you need to call a pot-sized river bet when the action has checked down is not as strong as the hand you need to call a pot sized river bet when your opponent was betting the entire way.

Bluffing: Poker players struggle with bluffing in different ways, some poker players bluff every hand and some NEVER bluff.

The key to understanding this important poker concept is hand reading in reverse, understanding your own range construction so much that you understand how large your value hands would bet and what types of poker hands you should have to bluff with on each street.

Understanding Position: You need to adjust your poker strategy based on the positions involved, among other things like stack size or player type.

New poker players don’t have solid foundational poker ranges so they open too much or too little in every position and don’t adjust their strategy based on new information.

Bankroll Management: Playing on a short bankroll and the expected variance of poker games is almost guaranteed to kill both your enjoyment of the game and your bankroll.

When you play without an adequate bankroll it’s hard to be comfortable playing, and playing while uncomfortable leads to poor poker strategy decisions.

Normal poker swings can easily take a chunk out of a short poker bankroll, the variance that starts to accumulate when your play changes while running bad can amplify those effects.

Are you a new poker player or a poker beginner? Do you just need the best Texas Hold’em poker strategy and best Pot Limit Omaha poker tips, or do you have a high stakes poker related question you’d like a poker professional’s advice on?

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Top 5 Poker Skills Beginners STRUGGLE With

10 thoughts on “Top 5 Poker Skills Beginners STRUGGLE With

  1. Amazing insider content. Hope this helps a lot of aspiring plaeyers.

  2. These are def not the top 5 from the hand histories I have looked at. Mistakes not just beginners make but also yourself constantly make is over reading a situation if you just use common sense you will realize your beat. I see it all the time really good players make bad calls over analyzing over reading a situation where you are not winning that spot often enough to call, but your losing the session so you make yourself call. And Also over playing top pair and not having a strong enough check back range is mostly what I see from weaker players making it easy for good players to barrel them off weaker hands. If you are not catching players bluffing very often you are playing to abc . The bankroll management is not a poker skill its just not managing money properly. That would probably be number 1 on why players career ends, but that is not poker skill.

  3. Great video. Just wanted to say you have been one of the most inspiring players since the online poker boom. Hope it’s all going well. One comment on bankroll management. At v low stakes presumably players will have other sources of income / funds and you don’t necessarily need to apply the same rules of bankroll management (proportionately) as you do at higher stakes or if poker is your main source of income. When you were playing those $10 tournaments that you refer to I imagine you had other ways to pay for them than just poker. If you start with $1 tournaments because that is all your ‘poker’ bankroll will support at the time then you might never get anywhere.

  4. I recently had my biggest downswing back in February, which lasted for 2 months (-$2,600), and then catapulted me into my biggest upswing(+$6500). In the past I would have never even had a bankroll to do this (was more of a casual player). Having a good bankroll was a must for this to happen. Not looking forward to the next downswing lol, but I'm more prepared for it.
    Thanks again for another great video Phil. You're the man

  5. hey Phil I have a weird question, hopefully you can answer it here or in another video. Im a new live poker player started this year, since im the most inexperienced player at the table mostly I buy in for minimum. I am actually quite successful at doubling or tripling up over one or a few hands, but I noticed after I win those big pots my stack gets drained pretty quickly because im not used to playing deeper stack. Any tips would be amazing! thank you for the great videos!

  6. Another great video,BRM is my weaknesses, definitely one of the first things in poker to master, without it will stay constant loser.

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