Tournament Poker Strategy: Bad Beat, Or Just Bad Call On the Flop?

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We are opening this week with #HelloAlec from my reader Miro from Finland. He played this hand with King Queen of hearts in early position. Interesting situation on the flop… Triple all in. He wants to know is this bad beat or just bad call? What do you guys think? What would you do on the flop? What is your tournament strategy here?
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Tournament Poker Strategy: Bad Beat, Or Just Bad Call On the Flop?

10 thoughts on “Tournament Poker Strategy: Bad Beat, Or Just Bad Call On the Flop?

  1. this is the worst hand I've seen on this series so far first off king queen is way too weak to be raising under the gun with that little baby 13 big blind stack of yours. shove or fold. and then you've got one fifth of the pot on the flop what the hell was the point of that no one's ever going to fold and when you get shoved on it's obvious someone has a straight. it can't be more clear or easy of a decision ever.

  2. Your reasoning pre-flop for the min-raise is the opposite of what it should be. You don't want as many callers as possible, you want to go heads up and double up quickly. The problem with min-raising is that you'll be getting calls from too wide a range to be able to make reads and play post flop, and hands worse than yours will have chances to get ahead (like what happened here). All-in pre is a good play, even though you're probably only getting called by better (AA, AK, KK, AQ, AJ), you could pick up that nice stack of antes and blinds, or get called by an under pair or maniac. Depending on my feel for the table, I might lean towards folding, but if I was going to raise it would either be all-in or 3x BB to lower the chance of getting called by speculative hands that will be hard to identify on the flop. If betting 3x pre-flop I get re-raised, then depending on my read on that player I'll either go all-in or fold and wait for a better spot.

  3. I think this hand is played totally wrong!…. Why are you 2x ing with KQ UTG+1 – just shove AA calls J10 folds, you call and you get the pot!

    AA player is exceptionally taking too much risk! What a player! He needs to shove to isolate which would eliminate J10 hand.

    So two players played in such a wrong way that J10 got the most value out of you!

    AK is not a possibility – should have raised but again AA even limped – ridiculous stuff is going on!

    2200 to 12K… Your hand is most likely no good. He is more likely to have the NUTS and tbh depends on how you labelled him. If he is anywhere tight / nit area, fold! Flush draw is very slim! as the AA plays like one and you should get away from the hand! Save 14 K and shove preflop!

    Tbh I couldn't even get what the AA guy is doing over-shoving on a 6x 3 bet with overpair! OMG value town!

    I would label this hand as a disaster!

  4. Well I think you had to call given your stack size, but this would typically be a fold. The small blind shoved and the BB re shoved. At best it was a flip.

  5. At a high enough level with a tight range, sometimes 2BB bets will chase off bad hands, but the pre-flop action, and the stacks at this table make it seem otherwise.

    Since you were inclined to continue betting bet post-flop, I imagine you could have sized this around 3-4BB and might have induced a fold from J10. If you aren't comfortable with your remaining stack after a decent raise pre, then it's time to jam the whole thing, but not necessary here.

    With 10BB's left, you're stuck shoving the flop, but you'd still get paid off from AA.

  6. You flopped top two pair in a 1 SPR pot, so this is an absolute nobrainer stackoff situation. If someone flopped a straight or set, bad to be you. If someone has a flushdraw and make his flush on the river, suck to be you. If someone have AK, and an A pops on the river, bad to be you. It just is, what it is. Therefore that cute little flop bet is also a mistake. You just jam it in on the flop, close your eyes and hope, that you win the pot.

  7. As for those saying, that you should jam it preflop, I dont agree with that at all. There are to many players left to act after you, and your hand is simply not strong enough to justify the risk. While the hands may LOOK rather similar, there is a tremendous difference between AK and KQ in a hot and cold all in preflop scenario. Against the top 3% of hands, which is likely, what people will be calling with here, AK suited has 44% equity, but KQ suited only has 34% equity.

  8. Everything was wrong in this hand….

    *All in pre with 15BBs

    *Min bet on flop

    *Flat called the raise with 2 BBs behind you

    (All in pre flop wouldve been called by AA and the J10o would fold (SHOULD fold… Unless he's stacked)

    Result AA cracked by KQ appaprently

    But if youve been playing like this the whole tourny, I'd say you're not getting your range right. You're not betting at correct time or right sizes

    You need to self disipline yourself with hand ranges dependent on position on the table. Have more or less the same bet sizing post flop whether its a bluff or whatever. Shove when needed (dont be scared to lose the game). Too much to say. I'm hungry. Bye.

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