Turning $300 into $2,000 at $1/2 NL! – Poker Vlog #18

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Strap in for another HUGE session of $1/2 No-Limit Hold’em! This one takes place the day after Thanksgiving at The Lodge in Texas, where we smash some flops, hit our draws, and get maximum value out of our opponents! We even find ourselves in a 3-way ALL-IN with the STONE COLD NUTS on the flop…will it hold? Watch to find out!

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Turning $300 into $2,000 at $1/2 NL! – Poker Vlog #18

10 thoughts on “Turning $300 into $2,000 at $1/2 NL! – Poker Vlog #18

  1. That soul read with the pair of 3s is impressive. Not only breaking down what the initial bettor would do but also the person acting behind you. Nice.

  2. Hey bro I like your channel it looks like you play at the same place alot but PLEASE stop showing your hands when you don't have to, good players pick up on that, on the other hand great job one other thing you should is you should bet more often instead of waiting for players to bet for you most rec players are passive and you would be winning double what your winning because the players you play with seem like they are not as patient as you this is just constructive criticism I've been playing for 15 years and I wish you all the luck bro

  3. You didn't bluff much if at all, you played your hand and it didn't cost you any dumb bets

  4. I really enjoy the low stakes blogs I'm from Melbourne Australia and ever since covid the only casino in this state has ditched the 1 / 2 and gone to 1/3 the table buy in Max has also increased from 200 to 500 so for someone like me it's daunting playing the higher stakes.

  5. Like the vlog seen a few vids. You leave a lot of money out the table practically not betting the nuts on the River…. But other than that good run bud

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