Use This ADVANCED Poker Over-Bet Strategy

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Learning when to over-bet effectively in poker is a key skill that will take your game to the next level.

You need to know when to over-bet and why.

In this video I review a hand where over-betting was correctly used on the river in a 5NL cash game.

Do you use over-betting as a part of your poker strategy?


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Use This ADVANCED Poker Over-Bet Strategy

10 thoughts on “Use This ADVANCED Poker Over-Bet Strategy

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  2. Should have jammed turn to exert maximum pressure on him, and price draws/coolers wrong for villain.

    Since he is a loose aggro maniac, he was most likely going to call most draws, TPTK, 2 pairs for half his stack anyway.

    Pretty sure such players would never fold top 2 pairs. He definitely would not play pocket Ks and Ts that way if he is loose aggro maniac, so hero is almost always ahead on the turn.

    Even if the same scenario happened, at least hero got it in when ahead.

    I cannot tell if calling that river was +EV play (need to get into combo counting given what villain called preflop and turn 3.5x re-raise) , but jamming turn is +EV cos villain only had 6 outs (about 12%, but has to pay nearly 50% of pot).

    And the river play – If hero was willing to call a re-raise that put him all in, why not jam first? If you do think he won’t fold and you are ahead, why not extract max value by jamming first?

    My 2 cents.

  3. I don’t think you should have shown the results. The lesson was to over-bet. The raise and results are getting in the way of the lesson. Good that you’re stressing don’t worry results. But in most levels isn’t it a crying call against most players?

  4. Didn't party ban HUDs and made players change their names? How does hero have stats on the villain?

  5. Those stats are meaningless without the number of hands on the villain. I play four tables and can easily have similar stats after 15 hands on one table and 0/0 on another, yet my overall stats over many thousands are 20/18.

  6. Dude, when you show the stats of the opponent, please also show the hand sample size.

  7. Great content! I'm still watching and appreciating the free content and learning. ☺☺

  8. Nice solid informations. Actually this one is the only channel I activated notifications. 👍

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